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Middle School

Glenwood Middle School encompasses Key Stage 3 and 4. 

The curriculum is planned around half-termly key themes, through which key skills are also taught. This is accomplished by:

  • Attending weekly assemblies with the rest of their peers in middle school focusing on our core values of courage, hope, justice, respect, responsibility and wisdom.
  • Swimming, both in the school pool and accessing public swimming baths as part of their increasing interaction with the local community.
  • Meeting physio targets either in the hall as part of a class or through physiotherapy directed by members of staff.
  • Socialising with the other learners of the school through enrichment days where they partake in a full school activity.
  • Developing their confidence as an individual and a member of the class using both academic and social activites.
  • Taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.
  • Learning skills of communication, literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology.
  • Accessing the community through school trips and outings on the bus.
  • Developing personal, social and health skills such as learning about relationships and how to keep clean and healthy.