Curriculum Worlds

The reason that Glenwood School exists is to make a transformational difference to the quality of life and future prospects of each individual young person. Every member of the Glenwood School community has a unique contribution to make to achieving that end.

In such a school, it is sensible to adopt the widest understanding of what the Glenwood Curriculum is. For this reason, when we talk about “the Glenwood Curriculum”, we are describing “the totality of experiences a young person has as a result of the provision made by Glenwood School”.

It follows that we need to take a holistic view of what we plan and do for each young person across the school and how we assess and evaluate the outcomes of this for them. It also follows that we need to think widely about how we resource the curriculum and teaching/learning so that we maximise the impact on the quality of life and future prospects of the young person.


At Glenwood School, all of our learners follow a bespoke curriculum. To build their personalised curriculum, we listen to all of the voices around the young person. When planning each journey through, Glenwood class teachers work closely with Curriculum Leaders to carefully choose the right components of each World to shape individual curriculums. 









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