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We create a personalised curriculum, with communication at the core. In planning for each learner we start from where the learner is (if we look/listen carefully enough they will show us). Each individual’s curriculum must come out of what we know about them and what they want and need and the knowledge, visions and priorities of parents, carers and other professionals. We think about future outcomes and put targets and strategies in place to begin the journey of equipping them with skills that will lead to a future where they can be happy, communicate as well as they can and be as independent as possible.

At Glenwood we recognise that children and young people with learning difficulties have unique abilities and ways of learning. Our learner-centred curriculum aims to provide a framework that will enable young people to develop the skills or behaviours they require to learn effectively and enable them to enjoy the best possible quality of life. Our curriculum strives to be responsive to each learner and build on individual strengths and interests. A personalised thematic programme is in place, which supports a balanced range of stimulating contexts for learning through different learning experiences, themes and settings.

We recognise the need to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which is prioritised, pertinent and wholly appropriate to the needs of the young person. This means that a broad and balanced curriculum means different things for different learners. Time in full-time education is limited and precious, and we are duty bound not to waste it. There is no single curriculum that suits all our learners and  no ‘set’ of subject areas. Every next step must be part of a functional and meaningful path for that young person, not part of a pre-programmed or linear route.