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Glenwood Staff

Meet the team here at Glenwood.


Senior Leadership Team 

Liz Cornish - Headteacher

Sally Waddingham - Deputy Headteacher

Karen Cavalla - Business Operations Manager

Kate Seaton - Leader of Learning


Lisa Matthews - Leader of Learning

Caroline Bailey - Head of Care at The Glen

Helen Uludag - Class Teacher Yellow 6 and Lead Practitioner

Useful Contacts

Jackie Chasmer - Office Manager

Alex Clegg - Facilities Manager

Corinne Olley - Transition Coordinator

Red Corridor Staff - Liz Cornish, Leader Of Learning

Sarah Halliday - Class Teacher Red 1 and Curriculum Leader

Amy Gander - Class Teacher Red 2

Chloe Stewart - Class Teacher Red 3

Rachel Skinner - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Laura Bonner - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Yellow Corridor Staff - Kate Seaton, Leader Of Learning

Ellie Crosley - Class Teacher Yellow 1

Sorcha Campbell - Class Teacher Yellow 2

Rachel Everingham - Class Teacher Yellow 3

Sara Penrose - Class Teacher Yellow 4

Kate Seaton - Class Teacher Yellow 4 and Leader of Learning

Cara Adkins - Class Teacher Yellow 5

Helen Uludag - Class Teacher Yellow 6 and Lead Practitioner

Alanna Wood - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Grace Frimley - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant


Blue Corridor Staff 

Sarah Calderwood — Class Teacher Blue 1 and Curriculum Leader

Vicki Johnson — Class Teacher Blue 2

Catherine Shimmen — Class Teacher Blue 3


Jenny Wilson-Webb — Class Teacher Blue 4

Lucy Hines — Class Teacher Blue 5

Nicola Layton — Class Teacher Blue 6

Jennifer Lewis — Class Teacher Blue 6

Chelsey Hall — Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Trudi Taylor — Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Jody Hallett — Higher Learning Teaching Assistant


Purple Corridor Staff - Lisa Matthews, Leader Of Learning

Oliver Salmons — Class Teacher Purple 1

Simon Quaintance — Class Teacher Purple 2

Danielle Kreamer — Class Teacher Purple 3 and Curriculum Leader

Lisa Matthews — Class Teacher Purple 5 

Nikki Woodruff — Class Teacher Purple 6 and Designated Teacher at Glenwood

Mica Godfrey — Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Sarah-Jane Compton — Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Melanie Lee — Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Green Corridor Staff - Sally Waddingham, Leader Of Learning

Jo Chadwick — Class Teacher Green 1

Sarah Neale — Class Teacher Green 3 

Kiera Walsh — Class Teacher Green 4

Amy Rodgers — Class Teacher Green 5

Rebecca Wooley — Higher Learning Teaching Assistant 

Nikki Day - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant