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If you cannot find the policy you are looking for, please contact the School Office. Details of how can be found in the 'Contact Us' section.

  1. Accessibility Plan 2021-2024.pdf
  2. Approach to Professional Progress Performance Management Procedure.pdf
  3. Behaviour in Schools including residential 2020.pdf
  4. Capability Procedure October 2020.pdf
  5. CCTV-policy July 21.pdf
  6. Charging, Refunds and Remissions November 2020.pdf
  7. Child Protection and Safeguarding Culture Sept 2020.pdf
  8. Code of Conduct July 2021.pdf
  9. Complaints procedure March 21.pdf
  10. Data-Breach-Policy July 21.pdf
  11. Data-Protection-Policy July 21.pdf
  12. Dealing with Allegations against Adults (Sept 2020).pdf
  13. Dealing with Complaints Against Governors Trustees Jan 2021.pdf
  14. Discipline and Dismissal Procedure Schools September 2020.pdf
  15. Early Years Foundation Stage October 2020.pdf
  16. Educational Visits Policy 2020.pdf
  17. Equality & Diversity Policy May 2021.pdf
  18. First Aid policy 2020.pdf
  19. Health and Safety Feb 2021.pdf
  20. Leave of Absence Policy March 2021.pdf
  21. Pay Policy - October 2020.pdf
  22. Privacy-Notice-Pupils-July 21.pdf
  23. Privacy-Notice-School-Governor-July 2021.pdf
  24. Privacy-Notice-School-Workforce-July 2021.pdf
  25. Probation Procedure July 21.pdf
  26. Recruitment Procedure July 2021.pdf
  27. Redundancy & Restructuring Procedure January 2020.pdf
  28. set-procedures-oct-2019-updated-southend-logo.pdf
  29. Sex and Relationship Education 2020.pdf
  30. Special Educational Needs Policy 2020.pdf
  31. Subject-Access-Request-policy July 2021.pdf
  32. Supplementary Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy - 29.05.20_.pdf
  33. Supplementary Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy - 29.05.20_.pdf
  34. Supporting Learners with Medical Needs Policy September 2020.pdf
  35. Unplanned closure October 2020.pdf
  36. Whistleblowing Policy May 2021.pdf
  37. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021.pdf