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The Glen

Statement of Purpose

“The primary purpose of a residential placement at The Glen is to provide an early intervention that brings about change in the young person’s life at home by helping them learn new ways of sharing spaces, attention, resources and control, alongside the acquisition of new skills, all of which can be generalised in different settings”.










Please visit 'The Glen Photos' to see more of The Glen.

Two houses, each with two self-contained spaces independent of each other:

House 1:    Elm and Willow 

House 2:     Cedar and Ash

  • Five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms (one adapted for mobility needs in Elm, Willow and Cedar)
  • Two lounges
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Enclosed outdoor spaces


Key Messages

•We are one team, across two settings - School and The Glen

•Working collaboratively (school/home/The Glen) to bring about a change that cannot be achieved solely within school

•Providing a 24-hour educational intervention - not respite

•Families as partners – able to commit to participation

•Attendance at the school for at least one year prior to assessment for The Glen

•For Glenwood Learners aged over 8 years, providing opportunities for all partners (family, school, health, social care) to work collaboratively on the big picture for the young person and for aspirational person-centred planning for their next steps beyond Glenwood


📞 For any queries regarding The Glen, please call Caroline Bailey, Head of Care on 01268 792 575 followed by option 8.