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All you need to know about swimming at Glenwood

At Glenwood, we are very fortunate to have a hydrotherapy swimming pool on site which allows us to offer all of our young people the opportunity to participate in swimming during the academic year. Our swimming instructors support our young people in the water and help to set meaningful activities during swimming sessions. For our young people where swimming is specified on their EHCP, regular 1:1 swimming sessions provide the opportunity to work on physical outcomes. As we are using this resource to work on physical outcomes it is not appropriate for us to teach the national curriculum requirements in swimming. 

Based on the age and needs of our learners, we assess where will be the best place for each of them to take part in swimming activities. For some of our older learners, an important part of their curriculum is accessing swimming in a public pool as this is something they will be able to continue to access with their family and into adulthood. For our younger learners who may be new to swimming in a pool, having a swimming pool on site allows us to plan for this effectively.

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