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School Dinners

Lunchtime is an important part of our school day and is a teaching session.  School meals for learners in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently free.  If you think that you may qualify for Free School Meals, please apply online at

A school meal costs £2.20 a day for learners in Nursery and Years 3 to 6.  It costs £2.40 for learners in Years 7 to 14. Dinner money is payable in advance and our preferred payment method is via our online payments system, School gateway. If, however, you do want to pay by cash or cheque then please send it in a sealed envelope clearly labelled with the learner's name and class.

Our school dinner menu rotates on a weekly basis. If you would like a copy of this menu, please use the link below.






You are also welcome to send in a packed lunch for your young person.  Please ensure that they have a clearly labelled lunch box. 

We are a nut free school and ask that you do not send in any food which contains any nuts.

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How to pay

The online payment system we use is School gateway. When joining Glenwood you will be asked to

download the app and create a School gateway account. 

School gateway can be accessed via a PC, tablet or mobile device.

You will be able to add credit to your School gateway account in advance of payment being needed.

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