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Our Vision

'The Glenwood Vision' - we set the bar high


All of us, including our young people, are committed to helping all Learners to be as fulfilled and independent as they can be; we make the greatest possible impact on progress and quality of life by embracing challenges with energy and creativity and by being role models to each other.


Each learner is a well-known and highly valued individual

Staff are highly committed to developing intimate knowledge about each young person, and all those who know them. What we know will change constantly so we will always strive to value all areas of development to enable what we know to evolve as people grow. Our curriculum is learner led so learning for all is individualised and built on our ability to be reflective. Our job is to enable the growth of happy, safe and secure people through nurturing in them a sense of self within a changing social world and through always keeping their best interests at heart.


Parents/carers and families are at the heart of the school

We value everyone who knows the Learner and, by considering their needs too, we can better support the learner’s welfare and sense of wellbeing. We foster true partnerships with everyone who knows our learners, based on strong, trusting relationships, close involvement, and the ability to communicate with care. We like the learners to be enriched by the trusting relationship we have with those in the wider community and by the shared communications that take place.


Every member of the Glenwood Community matters

All learners, staff, families and visiting professionals make an important contribution to progress and are valued members of Glenwood’s Community; everyone is of equal value and everyone’s part in the bigger picture is equally important.


Achieving independence that fits every individual’s situation and potential 

We believe that a process of continual learning extends the potential of everyone. We therefore work together to optimise independence and support learners to be as self-reliant as they can be. This involves creating a culture where we always value everyone’s efforts, including those made by our learners as they grow in their relationships with their parents/carers, the wider family and the wider community.


School Ethos - Together we will; respect, achieve and make good choices
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