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Information on Medication including how we administer medication in School

We will administer emergency medication that has been prescribed by a doctor for ongoing conditions.  For example, epilepsy and asthma.  Medication must come into school in the original container and packaging.  It must be clearly labelled with: 

  • The name of the learner 

  • The prescribed dosage 

  • The time of administration 

  • The method of administration 

  • The date of issue 

  • The date of expiry 

Other Medication 

We will also dispense other medication such as antibiotics or anti histamines.  Parents/Carers should be aware that the same procedure applies regarding the original packaging and the clear labels. 

You will also need to complete a form stating that you give the school staff permission to administer medication to your young person.  This form can be requested from the school office or through your class teacher. 

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