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Careers Statement

Acknowledging it is important to make a clear statement about how our Curriculum supports Careers, we look to some of the broader definitions to make links that are meaningful, important and intrinsic to our aims. Some of these definitions include: 

‘We would like you to think of career in a broader, more life-encompassing way. Think of

the decisions you make as valuable components of a lifelong process. When viewed in

this manner, career can be defined as the sum total of decisions that direct your

endeavours and reflect your unique personality characteristics and basic life values.’ 

‘One's progress through life’ 

‘One's calling in life’ 


What is career success? 

We believe that real career success comes through helping others or making a contribution to society.  


Each and every one of our young people makes an incredible and unique contribution and we aim to work to ensure our young people are able to recognise, develop and value theirs.

We have high aspirations for each and every young person and work with young people and families to find out how they can best share their strengths, talents and assets. We create personalised and agile curriculums that aim to further develop these as they transition through and from Glenwood. We are always looking to find new areas of strength and interest so that we can support our young people to reach their full potential in areas that bring them success and joy.  

It is by looking at careers in its widest sense that we make the deep links with the aims of our Curriculum. We aim to support our young people to find out and recognise their true value and work with them to find ways in which this can be shared with the wider community throughout their time at Glenwood and beyond. We know the importance of having or fulfilling a role within which each individual can make a difference that they feel is important and can be proud of and that is recognised and fully appreciated by others. Through the right support, development and recognition, our young people can find their important place and role which they value and that is recognised and valued by many others.  

For more information on the Careers Programme at Glenwood School, please contact our World Beyond Curriculum Leader, Louise Blackwell.

Click to view 'Future pathways and careers policy' (including provider access policy statement)

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