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Class Email 

Each class has its own email address.  You will be given this email address once you have been contacted by your young person’s teacher.  For it to be most effective, it should be used by both parents/carers and the class teacher.  Teachers will respond to any emails during working hours when they are not teaching.  It is important that you check for emails daily to make sure that you have not missed any important messages.  Teachers will also compile a personalised weekly update including details of your young person’s week as well as a photo. This will be sent from the class email account on a Friday afternoon. 


Regular Phone Calls 

Parents/Carers are welcome to telephone the office at any time during the school day.  Unless it is urgent, a message will be taken.  The class teacher will then respond in non-teaching time (before or after school).  Teachers also have school mobile phones which they may use to contact you via text message or phone call.  


Sims in Touch 

We use Sims in Touch to connect the school and parents/carers efficiently through the use of your mobile phone and email.  It is a useful tool to ensure that you receive any important information about school.  We will use the contact details that you provide for this purpose. 


Social Media and the School Website 

We are on Facebook and Instagram.  Parents/Carers are encouraged to follow the school pages as they are regularly updated throughout the week with photos of the learners taking part in different activities and lessons.  Please complete the permissions form in the purple section detailing whether you give permission for your young person to appear on our social media pages and school website.  This can then be returned to the school office. 

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